The Roots Story

The Roots Story

To be honest, the story of how ‘Roots’ started is not particularly thrilling and I often battle to know where to begin.

Perhaps I could say that the corporate environment I was working in was not my cup of tea, maybe I felt a general lack of purpose as I waded through each blurry-edged day. Could my expectations of ‘life after studying’ have been a notch too high? Or maybe there was a little seed of ‘something more’ inside my heart that was lying dormant until the right conditions came along.

And so, on a day just like any other, I pulled out some small aluminium milk pouring tins and the little stash of beeswax and sweet almond oil I’d bought, and began. The journey of Roots.

And the rest is history… I’m kidding, there’s still more.

The result of that first night of tinkering about, if nothing else, certainly piqued my interest and I decided to grow my knowledge in the field of ‘natural’ skin care. To summarise the ‘boring bits’, I went on to do my diplomas in Natural Skin Care formulations and Cosmetic Skin Science- these set the foundation from which I felt confident enough to experiment and explore the formulating world.

I say ‘world’ because that’s kind of how it feels to me; setting out into a new world that’s waiting to be explored. Every time I sit down to formulate, I picture myself with a backpack full of tools – and cute shoes obviously- ready to explore new ingredients, to chip away at how they work individually and amongst other ingredients. It’s all quite thrilling in my mind. I’m certain my eyes glaze over a little during these exploration sessions.

The real thrill is when I put the formulation to the test. Scribble ‘nerd’ across my forehead if you will, i’ll wear that badge with pride. Despite having realistic predictions, you just never REALLY know if the formulation is going to be a master piece or an absolute disaster. Anyway, I diverge.

A lot of people ask me, “But how did you begin?”. I think it’s safe to say that at one point or another all of us have observed other people, successful people, people with their own businesses, doing well, thriving, and felt the ache of envy, or wonderment, or longing- being filled with all your own hopes and ambitions but not knowing “where to begin”. I was and still am that person. But I am here to tell you that the only answer to that question is, quite frankly, ‘JUST START’.

Literally. Just start. Just decide that you are going to do it. If that means going and setting up a Facebook business page right now and all you have is the business name you thought about while taking a poop, then GO set up that business page damnit. If it means buying some blue cardboard that you need to cut out into a star – for whatever reason-¬† then go get that cardboard and cut out that star! If it means writing up a business plan and you have never written one before, then go figure out how. Look at your phone and repeat after me, ‘hey google, how do I write a business plan?’. Just start.

My biggest inspiration during many of my internal battles has been Steve Jobs. I know, he was said to be an A-hole, but this man literally started Apple in his garage. Did you know that at the time of deciding a business name, he was on a diet of eating ONLY apples. Bottom line is that every business idea has to start somewhere.

Roots is my thing. It’s my Apple. I’m its Steve Jobs – minus the weird diets, hygiene issues and A-hole tendencies.

I formulate and hand make plant-based and natural skin care products that aim to HYDRATE, NOURISH and RESTORE. My ethos is ‘staying close to nature’, of ‘keeping it real’ and embracing the aging process while maintaining a healthy, glowing skin.

Welcome to the Roots Story. It began like any other day, except on THAT particular day I made the decision to ‘just start’.

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