Uplifting Roots

Uplifting Roots

Heya Roots Friends

I thought I’d start this blog post by NOT apologising because I feel like all I’ve done these last few blogs is start by saying, “I know I’ve been bad with my blog entries” and then I feel guilty. SO. The reason for my sporadic and inconsistent blogs is that Life Happens, how’s that? 😊

If you follow Roots social platforms then you’ll know I’m a mom to a toddler, a FULL time job in itself- mad respect for moms in general – I see you sisters. This, together with working on my Roots hustle and just the normal everyday life things, means that getting regular blogs out is not guaranteed and mostly unlikely. I know you understand so thank you.

It’s official, with the month of May on our doorstep (like a few hours away) comes a new chapter, not just for Roots, but also for our little family pack as we begin our move to the Eastern Cape. I should say ‘fully loaded pack’, what with having 4 daxies and a toddler. It’s quite the spectacle to behold on a ‘normal’ day really.

Anyway, it had me thinking, because I’m a professional thinker you know, about the idea of ‘Roots’ and what this move might represent.

Roots are a vital part of a plant- the anchorage, the passageway of provision, the place of symbiotic relationships. A flower flourishes from its roots up and when nourishment in the surrounding soil diminishes, it’s the responsibility of the roots to seek out opportunity. When you decide to uplift a plant, the most crucial aspect in the transition process is protecting its roots, a delicate process (unless you’re like a succulent- those things can survive an apocalypse with or without roots).

I’ve watched my husband during repotting of plants (particularly bonsai). Ultimate success lies in the intricacies; the age of the plant, the timing of the year, the condition of the roots, the process of transition, the nature of the new soil in which the plant will be placed, the care of the plant in the aftermath of the stressful shift. What word are you thinking of now? I’m thinking, Holistic. It’s a holistic coupling of elements.

‘Why put a plant through the stress of uprooting and transition?’ – I used to ask the same thing. But when you’re a plant that’s been in the same pot and soil for a long time, you start to outgrow it. Your roots are pushed up against all perimeters, taking the shape of the pot, with no more room to grow. It is no longer flourishing, merely surviving.

That’s when my husband finds a bigger, new pot, mixes up his concoction of nutrient dense soil and transitions the plant, taking extra care with its roots. The result is by no means instantaneous and most times the plant experiences a period of instability and stress with uncertain outcomes. But once those roots take anchorage, adjust and begin to explore, then a new story begins, and, blossoms…

I guess you could say, in all its simplicity, that we are trying out a new pot.

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