The 2020 Roundup in the week Before Christmas

The 2020 Roundup in the week Before Christmas

Guys, how did the time fly by? Like What the Actual Puff balls? How did we get here?

And with Christmas literally around the bend, I’m scratching my noggin trying to think over this past year and of what I did? I guess, the most logical responses to that would be ‘not much’ and ‘I stayed home’ – thanks to Covid-19 and the lockdown that has lasted 21 days [plus 8 months and still counting].

One thing I can say is when you become a mom you start basing time around milestones and events that happen to your child like, ‘ah yes, remember when Elijah fell out of the baby carrier?! That was January’ – yes that really did happen and I felt like the worst mother ever.

So, my review of 2020 is a trail of memories based around my son. In March- at the start of lockdown, Eli was sprouting his first 2 bottom teeth and he was 6 months old. Starting to sit on his own and pull himself up on furniture. Gosh, those were the days- I’d plonk him in his camp cot and chuck a bag of balls and books in there and get on with house hold errands. I even mowed the lawn and clipped the edges one of the days; Josh observed with a hairy, yet impressed, eyeball [he thought I’d mow over the power cable, but he also didn’t know that I used to mow the lawn in my teen years- boom- I’m a pro]. I remember getting quite inventive with ideas for Eli, turning boxes, Tupperware and tins into play stations for him to tear apart, try to suck on or eat – at which point I’d realise it wasn’t a such a good idea. But, the messier, the more he enjoyed it and the more Josh wanted to clean it.

By the time Winter rocked up, we had a crawler. Oh so cute and still very much manageable although somewhat inconvenient at the time, particularly when trying to watch TV and the 8 month old decides to go crawl about into the next room. Don’t get me started on the interactions between the human child and four dachshunds. This must have been July. I should say that 2/4 daxies were a concern because the other two were chilled but the 3rd has a bad back [hence the nickname, bad back Bruno] and the 4th is Father Time himself and prefers the simple things in his later years such as sleeping and eating, and more eating. Needless to say, Elijah somehow coincidently always crawled his chubby legged way to the bad half of the daxie herd. Trues bob there were tears and some bite marks to show for it but no blood was drawn; fine, there was a small amount of blood, like twice probably.

By the time the first corona wave had passed (check me sounding apocalyptic and stuff), we had ourselves a full blown toddler and it was now October/November. The walking began- at 14 months- there were teeth everywhere- those little gnashes, pull-up nappies finally made so much sense, toys remained secondary to everything else- particularly kitchen appliances and the dishwashers, half day at creche saved mom’s sanity and the tables turned with the adventures of Eli and the dogs. I’m now a point of refuge for the woofers while Eli runs around with a cardboard roll and tries to whack them.

I guess in between us watching and documenting Eli’s growth, we also tried to find things to do to keep our souls full and our minds busy. I wrote, read books, did some ‘adult’ colouring in, swept the floor a lot and repeated. Josh spent time on his plants, baking bread, brewing that disgusting pineapple beer and cooking meals for Eli and I – lucky us! We laughed, we argued, we cried, we felt anxiety, fear, frustration. We continued to work on our small businesses and try to remain hopeful when there were days where we felt helpless.

And now, despite a blurred year, but also with its in-between blessings, we attempt to rebuild our hopes and dreams.

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