Product Profile: Retinyl & Rosehip ‘Renew’ Deep Hydrate

Product Profile: Retinyl & Rosehip ‘Renew’ Deep Hydrate

Winter is pretty much here and I don’t know about your skin but mine is chooning, ‘HYDRATE me girl’ and if your skin is saying the same then KEEP READING.


Retinyl & Rosehip ‘Renew’ Deep Hydrate 50g/100g

Experience a delightfully rich balm that, when applied to skin, melts into oils that absorb beautifully. This is particularly ideal for mature and dry skin.

Key Ingredients:

Retinyl Palmitate: is a retinoid (Vitamin A derivative) which happens to be the least irritating of the retinoid group meaning it’s suitable for most skin types *jackpot*. It acts as an exfoliator; speeding up the shedding of skin cells, thus, improving skin texture. It also helps to unclog pores and stimulate collagen production. Um, yes please!

Organic Rosehip oil: a pressed seed oil that also contains Vitamin A (what a combo right). With high levels of essential fatty acids (like omega-3 & 6), it is a pretty fab emollient- get yo glow on sister. Oh, and it’s well known for its anti ageing properties and skin brightening properties. *happy dance*

Frankincense: I mean, this oil needs no introduction, but it is referred to as the king of essential oils. It is known for its ability to beautify and rejuvenate skin as well as promote cellular health. Plus, it smells heavenly.

For the full ingredient list go check it out on the Roots Website


The saying “a little goes a long way” holds true with this product. Only a pea sized amount is needed to do the job- plus the extra mile! I like to seal the deal with my Renew Deep Hydrate every evening–after cleansing and applying serums. Massage into skin and watch the glow-up! Sunset in a bottle.


I think the biggest ‘concern’ or ‘worry’ with the Deep Hydrate products, being anhydrous, is that they leave skin feeling oily. I am here to tell you that that is a fallacy- our skin is composed of water and oil (sebum) and applying an oil-based product in small amounts will not cause oily skin (yes if you slap on a copious amount, sure). On the contrary, stripping your skin of oils will send out signals that your skin needs to produce more of its own natural oil (sebum), which in turn can lead to an oily skin. But I also totally understand if it’s ‘not your thang’ – hey, we all have our preferences!

Have you used Retinyl & Rosehip Renew Deep Hydrate? Let me know your thoughts.

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