Powdered Cleanser and green Snot

Powdered Cleanser and green Snot

The last time I wrote, I was dabbling in an array of emulsifiers and my mind was a maze of formulas. The dust has since settled, so to speak, in that I finally conquered that one particularly stubborn waxy flake into submission and obedience and developed a pretty good cream base to work with. The emulsifier of my dreams still lies somewhat out of reach for now but it isn’t the end of the world- yet. In fact, now that I’ve tamed the other, more accessible emulsifier, I feel like we could really make some magic together. More on that when I continue with my dabbling.

On another front, and probably an apt example of how my brain functions; bouncing around from one thing to the next; last week I started playing around with a new surfactant that I got my hands on and the reason I like this particular one is because it’s solid! Something ‘seemingly’ insignificant as the phase that an ingredient comes in can actually make a big difference and I’ll give you my 2 reasons why. 1. I could finally make the solid shampoo bar that I was trying to make like 2 years ago (but I’m not ready to talk about shampoo bars just yet) 2. I made a CLEANSING POWDER.  Let that hit home for a second. Like. A cleanser and a powder? Nah. But Ja.

Thanks to the wonders of this solid surfactant, I could use it, plus some other rad ingredients like kaolin clay, dried chamomile flowers, jojoba, tea tree and oatmeal, and grind it all together in my lab-only allocated blender, into a fine powder. Boom. The real treat is when you add water and the cleansing powder starts to snap, crackle and pop in your hand. Then you scoop it and rub over your face, let that clay gently exfoliate your skin while you catch whiffs of tea tree. This is a mild surfactant – enough to use on baby and sensitive skin, so- go wild.

I feel like I need to explain the green snot part. Well for a few weeks now my toddler has had this ongoing runny nose. Like a leaky tap. Just never stopped. Eventually, I guess some bacteria decided to make his nostrils (and all that comes with them) their new home- they redecorated- the theme colour was green. And that’s on green snot.

The story continues, as I now lie on a pull-out chair/ bed in the paediatric ward next to my son in his hospital cot. You’ll never know the reach of your creativity until you have had to try trick a toddler into taking their meds without them knowing that they are taking their meds. I could put a straw in a coconut and wrap it in glitter while calling it a chocolate bar and Eli would shut his mouth (and his eyes, he does that) and turn his head away. He KNOWS.

So our Monday has started out with a drip and some cold hospital grade food, but at least my boy is being seen to and we are combating the green snot!


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