Oh Hi, Happy, um, belated, 2021

Oh Hi, Happy, um, belated, 2021

Guys, I’ve been terrible with my blogs! How is it even February already?

My guilt for lack of blog entries finally tipped the scale so here goes the first one for 2021 *eek. I have to say, I’ve hit the ground runnin…no SPRINTING this year. There’s a bee in my bonnet to get Roots rolling- to take leaps, risk it to get the biscuit and be ballsy & bold.

In keeping with that, January was LOADED- I managed to sort out my website (that’s where you’re at now- how cute is it), get awesome photos of my product range- that has made a big difference, sort out all my product pricing (Oh my word- the agony/ the hours/ the calculations) and even do some rep’ing to Health shops and Beauty salons in the area (gurl put her heels on to impress- I’m lying, I think I wore sneakers). Did I mention that I did ALL of this while managing a toddler – yup, my nugget only went back to school on the 27th January. No wonder I feel like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards and do things like put the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge.

It’s been HARD. People tend to forget that when you have a business or hustle you never stop working, your brain never stops going, you are a one person show trying to cover every base! I truly admire business people who started from scratch.

Alas, here I am, still kicking it and surviving and still feeling inspired to Rock out with my Roots out. Roots now stocks Watercrest Health Shop, Micante Beauty, Good Source, Roots Therapy and Nature’s Promise. Michelle at Micante beauty offers a Roots Facial! She gave me one a few weeks back and I loved it. I couldn’t believe it was my products she was using- that was a proud moment.

Another motivator for me has been all the great feedback I’ve been getting from customers- you guys don’t know how much it lifts my spirits and reinvigorates me when I hear that you love the products. I literally dance around like an idiot – and now my son does too (they really imitate everything). So, thank you!

That’s it on my opening blog for 2021- here’s hoping I will be more productive with these blog entries but golly the time flies by and before you know it, I’m horizontal, soaking in much needed ZZZs with a toddler’s foot in my face all night (yes, we bed share). Join me in my Roots Journey- it’s chaotic but it’s also pretty rad.