Shit Happens

Shit Happens

These last few weeks have been interesting on several different fronts…

For one, I’ve had a sick baby- actually, he isn’t even a baby anymore- he’s a toddler! Where has my tiny baby gone?! What started off as a casual snotty nose, sneakily turned ugly, and green, and eventually a trip to the paed was in order. This also meant keeping him home from day care for the week, any hopes of solid sleep went out the window, mom got regular snot smears on her face and clothes and she still had to try fit in formulating and other work. You know, the use’sh [you-sh]. #momlife for the win. Thankfully dad cooks.

Then I decided I wanted to start working on a new skin care range. This would include a lighter day and night cream, cleanser and a serum- ideal for skin that is prone to lots of sebum production (aka ‘oily’) and break outs. You know how I love creating new products, it’s a thrill!

So, of course, now I’m like, cool, let me research some stuff- I’m going to need the right type of emulsifier to make sure the viscosity is low, it will need to be plant-derived, need to be stable, I’ll have to see how to incorporate it during the method… Well, did I fall down the rabbit hole, the research rabbit hole that is.

Here’s the thing about me, when I say, “I’m just going to quickly research something”, you’ll find me days later under a mountain of notebooks with square eyes, crazy hair and a caffeine-induced twitch, rocking back and forth. Like a Gollum creature in a dark corner with just the light of my laptop screen illuminating my face. Working on ‘my precious’. It’s not pretty but it is a beautiful process.

Fine, so I managed to pick out and discover my emulsifier options and had about 3 courier companies rock up to my place dropping off samples. Every time there was a hoot at the gate, my ears pricked, and I’d say, surely that’s not another delivery for me? But, trues bob, it was, and I’ve never been so excited about a new chemical arriving at my door.  

Like a nervous school girl, I put my new formulations to work- because the real test is putting the ingredients into action and seeing how they work together. Needless to say, there are currently glass jars of all my test formulations lying about the place, including outside – got to expose it to the heat (and currently, the rain).

Two broken glass beakers, a curdled emulsion, a split emulsion and a ‘too viscous’ emulsion later, I finally think I have something wonderful to work with. Naturally I’ve already tweaked the formula and started working on the labels, while getting in touch with the supplier to quote me on this glorious emulsifier that I’ve decided is the ONE.

Word of advice; do not forget about the quote, ever. Oh dear, the quote. What a way to bust a good mood, or some hope and dreams. Let’s just say I’d need approximately 12k to be able to get the minimum order quantity. I awkwardly chuckle to myself to keep from crying. So ja, I hit a bit of a thorn bush at the end of a dirt road with that one. But one or two unexpected scratches won’t stop this dog mom. I’m currently evaluating some alternatives and other suppliers and will be sure to keep you in the loop.

I guess the point of all this mumbo jumbo is this; it’s messy out there, in the world. Not often do things go smoothly, in a linear upward trend toward success. Shit happens. Things go wrong, the line is squiggly, the outcome is sometimes blurry, there are some injuries and broken glasses and curdled emulsions and expensive quotes along the way. What’s important is that we get back up and keep trying, right?

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