Birthday Month Madness

Birthday Month Madness

October is my birth month and so is obviously my favourite on the calendar. 2020 might have been that year where you feel you’re constantly drawing the short straw- in this case, every straw was the short straw- BUT it didn’t manage to get its clammy claws on my birthday spirit. Hoo-RAAH.

Some high notes included my mom coming to visit and look after my 14 month old for me- ERR, I mean, spend time with us and her grandson- tee hee; meeting up with my mom’s and baby group for a lunch (naturally this included hanging out in ball pits, sitting on trampolines, building sand castles and going down slides- obviously), receiving flowers and chocolates, spoilt with Sushi for dinner, tending to my nails and having my hair did, AND getting in a mountain bike ride with the hubby followed by a family breakfast to top off the weekend. A pretty rad and special birthday indeed…

None the less, I will say that the last 2 weeks have been particularly trying on my normally fantastic and bubbly personality *wink*. My son has been teething -again- like, does that ever end and why do we need to have two sets of teeth anyway? And were they ALL up there in my son’s gums the entire first 6 months of his life?! Creepy much.

So- YAWN- he’s waking up, more like sitting upright and babbling, a couple times a night- I’m shoving my mammy glands in his mouth- I’m a giant milk jug on legs to him- (also, don’t ask me how long I’m breastfeeding until- it won’t be to a weird age I promise), the alarm is going off at 6am to get him ready for school but trust me when I say I’m already awake by 04:30 and then I have 5 hours to do a full day’s work in. 5 hours will never seem so short in your life when you know you have much to get done.

 Are you tired just from reading that?? Me too.

Then, amongst the mood swings and chocolate cookie crumbs, something pretty cool happened when I got a call from a rather prestigious beauty spa looking for someone to formulate for them.

My first response was ‘hek yes, this is amazing’ and I proceeded to feel like Beyoncé, all Queen Bey and stuff. This was then followed by pure fear as self-doubt reared its ugly head- “what if I’m not good enough, what if they hate what I formulate, what if, what if”. My emotions were like, lets party, let’s bring the house down and ‘excitement’ was the DJ and ‘anxiety’ was the MC. Honestly, there’s far too much going on in my head at any one time.

Fine, so I sourced the particular plant oil they were wanting me to include in the formulations; I tested out some of the formulas to check consistency and feel, I worked out what each product would cost me to make and wrote up a quote to send off.

Then it was a slow motioned rat race to get it done and sent off. I say ‘slow motion’ because I had to wait for that gosh darn oil to arrive and there was only so much prep I could do in the interim which meant a further day or two of my insides twisted into a pretzel. You know when those shoes you ordered online arrive at your door and a shrill squeal of delight escapes your lips? Ja, that was me… over 500ml of oil.

The job got done, I sent off the products and then told myself to chill out and continued to self soothe with my “Do your best and God will do the rest” chant.

And after ALL that, I got a mail to say, the CEO loved the products. And now I can go rest my bones and shut done all those tabs in my brain for 10 minutes. Oh wait, my 5 hours is up- time to put my mom panties on (but I do love my mom panties ever so much).

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